Abortion is a very controversial topic with some people supporting it and some people opposing it. Something that I consider a milestone for controversial topics is when different views on the topic get you a different label. Abortion has passed that milestone with the labels: Pro-life and Pro-choice.

The people that oppose abortion do not necessarily have any medical reasoning. All the pro-life people oppose abortion for ethical concerns. But one thing that they do not pay heed to is that ethics are not the same globally. They don’t even take the time to think: “What are ethics?”. Although this is not the literal meaning of the word but, something is ethical if the majority agrees with it. In most cases this “something” is logical. But in some cases, what majority says does not really have any well constructed argument behind it.

We all agree that in some medical cases, abortion can save the life of the carrier. This is not what this article shall be discussing. We shall be discussing the non-medical scenarios in which abortion can certainly save a life.

Conservative Countries

In many of the conservative countries (e.g. India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, …), abortion can be a necessity. In some parts of India, women get humiliated, tortured, and even killed, when they fail to conceive a boy. Most of these women actually would rather considering saving their lives by simply aborting the baby. However, they are unable to because the services and the service providers are looked down upon and hence, scarce. Now of course, it does come to mind that instead of abortion being the last resort, the government should enforce laws that stop these scenarios from happening. I do not disagree with this point of view. But in countries where people can kill, we can’t expect that country to enforce laws to stop torture of a human in certain circumstances. Those countries can not even stop murder. In countries like India and Pakistan (and other similar countries), a little influence in the society and power can set you free even if you commit a murder. Enforcing law should be the main focus but while that is being done, abortion should be provided so women can secretly abort to save their lives.

A similar situation is when girls get pregnant before marriage. Modern humanity certainly agrees that this does not warrant punishment. But in such countries, girls can get into serious trouble for getting pregnant before marriage, in some cases, even if the girl is raped. In these cases, death is not the girl’s main worry. The manner of the death is what really concerns them. There are recording cases of girls being stoned to death in public by their own family members for this.


Some people do not intend to have a pregnancy and in some cases, pregnancy takes a heavy toll on the person (in cases like rape, or premarital pregnancy). When abortion is accessible, these women certainly take the chance, but if abortion is not available and is instead, criminalized, the only option for these women is to simply take their lives. This is a reality that many pro-life people can not realize. The only way a pro-life person can realize this is if a similar tragedy occurs in their close circle.


This is my first article on medium and I am simply taking the time to be able to see how this site works so I shall not be finishing this article completely. I deeply apologize for that. If anyone wants details on the topic, I am written a 4000 words research paper on the topic that I shall be willing to privately share with the person.